Monday, October 19, 2015

Some Humorous Life Lessons To Live By

By Della Monroe

It is a fact, life is never easy. Nobody was given on how to deal with it when they were born. Still, this does not mean that one will just have to fold his legs whenever he is dealt with some of life's harder blows. Knowing what to do when things get tough will allow you to better cope with things.

Do remember that there are a lot of things that you can learn out of the many things you have to go through as part of living. Try not to take things way too seriously. The right attitude is always going to count. A lot. Also, being able to pick up om those many humorous life lessons you'll encounter will help you be better rounded person along the way.

Understand that there are a lot of things that could actually go wrong and that is fine. Things are expected to be like that, there is no such thing as a perfect execution of how you would want to things to pan out. He key here is for you to know how to idea with them as they come in your way. Throw in some humor here and there and you are winning at life.

Try not to take things too seriously. One of the reasons why people tend to lose that spark and that zest to keep on going though despite the many setbacks that they face is that they tend to take things way to seriously. There is the fact that lief is always going to deal you with some hard punches. The key is to still be able to break out into a smile despite how hard things just seem to be going.

Be flexible. Stop being so stiff and unbending about things in general. There is no such thing as an absolute rule on the way you are supposed to deal with things. Your ability to bend with the times and adapt with the situations that you're thrown into will help you get a better attitude on really making the most out of the situations that you'll have to face along the way.

Trust your instincts. There is a reason why you are having that disconcerting feeling in your gut. If something feels wring, the mist be a reason why it feels wrong, try not to ignore the little warning signs and the red flags that some situations tend to emit. You will be glad when you do especially when these are situations that are likely to turn into one whole big heap of mess later.

Never forget to let your inner child come you out too. Just because you are an adult does not mean that you have to act all stiff and serious and proper all the time. Have fun. Loosen up a bit. You'll find that things are going to be less stressful when you look at them with the eyes of a child. Never lose that let the inner child shine. Have fun and try not to take things too seriously.

If you fall, and you will really fall a lot, the key is take sure that you will get back up again. That is all there is to life, really. Being able to handle all the setbacks and being able to stand back up again. It is not always going to be an easy road and most of the time, there are things that will cause you to want to back down. But if you want to win, then the key is to never give up that easily.

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Friday, October 9, 2015

A Frankenstein Scary Story

By Jane Zync

Its raining in NYC, and Chris is in his basement trying to fix his old TV (well his mothers basement, he is Greek American and can not leave the house until he is married). He laughs hysterically and his mother calls down to him "What the hell are you doing!", "Nothing!" Chris answers and gets back to work.

Suddenly a big burst of lighting hits and the ground shakes. The Television turns on and static noise is heard. As Chris falls to the floor The TV turns into Teli. The Barney like monster shaped live a TV comes to life and runs through Chris's home! Chris chases him up the stairs to the second floor of his home where Teli hits the wall and falls to the floor.

"Where the hell are you from?", "What is your name?" Chris asks before he realizes that the Monster does not speak english! He must name the new monster and Chris chooses the name Teli. Teli is a good Monster and means no harm, and so a happy ending is had to this Halloween story.

Today's Halloween customs are thought to have been influenced by folk customs and beliefs from the Celtic-speaking countries, some of which have pagan roots, and others which may be rooted in Celtic Christianity.[32][33] Indeed, Jack Santino, a folklorist, writes that "the sacred and the religious are a fundamental context for understanding Halloween in Northern Ireland, but there was throughout Ireland an uneasy truce existing between customs and beliefs associated with Christianity and those associated with religions that were Irish before Christianity arrived".[34] Historian Nicholas Rogers, exploring the origins of Halloween, notes that while "some folklorists have detected its origins in the Roman feast of Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds, or in the festival of the dead called Parentalia, it is more typically linked to the Celtic festival of Samhain", which comes from the Old Irish for "summer's end".[32] Samhain (pronounced sah-win or sow-in) was the first and most important of the four quarter days in the medieval Gaelic calendar and was celebrated in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man.[35][36] It was held on or about 31 October - 1 November and kindred festivals were held at the same time of year by the Brittonic Celts; for example Calan Gaeaf (in Wales), Kalan Gwav (in Cornwall) and Kalan Goav (in Brittany). Samhain and Calan Gaeaf are mentioned in some of the earliest Irish and Welsh literature. The names have been used by historians to refer to Celtic Halloween customs up until the 19th century,[37] and are still the Gaelic and Welsh names for Halloween.

According to many scholars, All Hallows' Eve is a Christianized feast initially influenced by Celtic harvest festivals, with possible pagan roots, particularly the Gaelic Samhain. Other scholars maintain that it originated independently of Samhain and has solely Christian roots

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Details On Stand Up Comedy

By Janine Rhodes

If being in this field is exactly your dream, then allow this article to guide you in your way. When that happens, then you shall never doubt your success and that can bring you all the way to the fulfillment of your dreams. Therefore, hang on to these paragraphs and your future is already forming in the right way.

You must write down the jokes which come out of your head. Be reminded that your stand up comedy Arlington TX has to be entirely your own. If not, then your fan base will remain to be few and this is not what you deserve after everything which you have planned in here. So, get used to this task before anything else.

You should be willing to be a student of your own trade. When that happens, then your success will be a steady thing and that is what is essential in here. Never rush into anything in here simply because all great things take time. That is what you have to place in your system whenever you are doubting yourself again.

You must dig deeper into the things which you can do in your career. Yes, you are only human who cannot conduct everything but that does not mean that you cannot improve. Thus, start with your weakness and that can give you a clearer view of the aspects which you need to improve on and this is the trick.

Make some gestures that are really funny. As you can see, you are the combination of more than one thing in here. So, be ready to let out your true self. If not, then you could not be appreciated by the people in front of you and this can be the worst punishment of all. Act naturally and you can really capture hearts.

You should learn to create your own routine. Yes, you can follow the techniques of the comedians whom you are working with but then, you eventually have to branch out and bring in some input of your own. If not, then one will only be seen as a copycat and that is not good at all. Build your career in a nice way.

You should be confident no matter what happens. It does not matter whether you can end up giving a bad joke. You could always watch the entire performance again and make some adjustments the next time you shall be on the stage.

You are required to be a comedian all throughout. Write jokes when you have nothing else to do. That is because you can never run out of words to say when one is already in front of a lot of people. This can bring your career down.

Overall, you simply need to perform your greatest. If not, then you can never expect people to even like you. Get out of your comfort zone if you really want to succeed in here. Thus, continue testing yourself to your limits and have the answers to your questions eventually. Be in this flow.

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