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Information About Confucius Quotes Funny

By Daphne Bowen

Nothing is better than a good dose of laughter. A giggle can be just as good as any medicine. People are amused by many things. Some find particular videos that are posted online to be amusing. A person with a sense of humor will laugh after reading some phrases of highly regarded individuals. Confucius quotes funny can really lighten up the mood of a person and live someone feeling happy, all day long.

It is common to find a person who knows a quote or two that was uttered by this Chinese philosopher. Most likely someone will tell you a saying relating to how to find wisdom such as wisdom is found by reflection, experience or imitation. This is one of the wisest saying that was ever uttered by Confucius. However, some of the things he said cannot be classified in the wisdom category but fall in the humor side of things. This includes: if you want pretty nurse, you got to be patient and he who sits on hot stove will rise again.

This scholar hides wisdom in his philosophical work but does not hide humor in his hilarious phrases. He wants the readers to find the humor the easiest way possible. In fact, the funny in his quotes, is just plain obvious. One will not be thinking hard before laughing but will actually be laughing even before completing to read a sentence. After laughing, one may start wondering what Confucius thought about so that to say a particular joke. Maybe it can all be blamed on his sense of genius. But it is easy to see that these sayings related to life issues therefore they may have been inspired by daily experiences of this philosopher.

In some circles, Confucius is a literary giant or the best philosopher ever lived. However, to some people, he is more than that and is simply a humorous genius. He said many wise things. Fortunately, he did not leave to humanity only serious stuff to grapple with. He also left behind phrases and words, to keep humanity laughing.

A highly regarded philosopher making people laugh is not something that you see every day. These people are associated with scholastic matters. They are expected to write books and participate in high-level talks about how to solve pressing problems. However, Confucius did more than being philosophical. He also made people to crack with laugher. Many years after his death, his words are the source of laughter for many people. They are used to lighten up crowds and make people to relax.

Anyone can read hilarious statements attributed to this great individual. They are available online and offline. They have been published in a number of websites and blogs. A simple online search carried out using search engine will reveal sites with these sayings.

The uniqueness of these sayings makes many people to bookmark them. Some take an extra step and share them. It is possible to find people who have even crammed them and they can say them aloud, without referring.

It is good to find a reason to laugh. And if there is no reason at all, someone can visit a website or blog that has Confucius quotes. Just by reading some of them, it is easy to start bursting.

By Jane Zync

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